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Who would you rather meme 2

My own take on this meme?
Okay, you asked for it...! *cackle*
(And since I know nothing of SGA, I shall exclude some of these lovely gentlemen and add some guys I can actually offer an opinion on!)

(Ronon Dex)
(Lt.Col. John Shepard)
(Dr. Carson Beckett)
Dean Winchester
Captain Jack Harkness
Chris Keller
Derek Morgan
Al Swearengen
Warrick Brown
(Major Evan Lorne)
Danny Messer
Dexter Morgan
Michael Scofield

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"Who would you rather" meme - TOM edition

I saw a slightly different version of this meme floating around. It involved RL men and wasn't all that amusing. SO, given that I have no interest in RL men I tweaked it a bit and now I'm presenting to you:

"WHO would you rather" - Temple of Mean edition.

User Manual:
1. Next to each name from the list below put one of the following tags:

Yes, plz! - men that you'd do in a blink of an eye, if given a chance.
Smut Bunny bit me - Men you'd shag eventually; after some persuasion/ if desperate/bored/drunk.
Are you relevant? - guys that don't do anything for you.
Keep that thing in your pants- fellas you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

2. Add an explanatory comment, as you see needed
3. Photos are not necessary, but we all love them
4. Add a few names of your choice.

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I'll keep him in a cage!

Now, we all know that anti-heroes and villians are the awesomest, but lately I've found myself getting very amused by the adorably hopeless characters on shows. Basically, I want to keep them as pets, al la, "I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy."

Here's just some spamming of my favourite pets:

Chase from House:

Keith from Scrubs:

Sam from Supernatural:

Peter from Heroes: (Okay, I actually LIKE Peter as a character, so personally, he's in a different category for me, but he probably fits here, I can admit it...)

Top Ten Relationship Fuck-ups of 2007

Alright, let me explain. This was SUPPOSED to be a kick ass piece of writing that would have been awesomely relevant a month ago, but I never finished it. These are what I believe to be the worst desicions as far as relationships go on television shows in the last season. Beware, it is very subjective and kinda harsh. So here's what I had done so far:

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