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Jackro, baby!

You know those lyrics, right?

Oh,and numbah two:

McJackro In Shining Whatever

Ladies, may I ask for your attention for 2 minutes? Ethan is here and he has something very important to say!

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Hello peoples :D
Please don't call the Children Services just yet, the TOM baby is not abandoned. I repeat: TOM is NOT abandoned, the parents just happen to be othernapped by RL.
That said, I'm going to show you one possible usage of TOM.

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Open Letter to You-Know-Who

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a devout viewer since the inception of your dynamic television show with interesting plot twists and wonderful character development. As any business would hope to aspire, I, too, hoped that the second season and even a third season would bring about more interesting developments, plot devices, character development and most importantly, answers. In short, that you would provide a better product. 

Now, I find myself in a bind. I have invested so much into your product that I feel I cannot give up on it now, especially after episodes that tease my high hopes of a gruesome death for a particularly whiney character and hope for one of my favorite couples. Funny quips and scenes with the guys traversing into the jungle and the Lady MacBeth-like character of a new female character have kept me going, but... alas, I find that filler episodes with random characters (though, now thankfully dead) and filling up of episodes focused on my absolute favorite character with pointless love-triangle posturing has been painfully stripping the zeal of my devotion to your production, like Chinese Water Torture. 

Shit or get off the pot.

1, 2...1,2... Mic Check...

This is test entry, nothing to see. Move along....